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What Should Companies Know About Managing Their Wikipedia Pages?

Keeping a neutral point of view is the most important thing to keep in mind when editing or updating a Wikipedia page. Most companies want to create edits that make the company look favorable and improve its reputation. 

The second thing is that edits to a Wikipedia page can take time. Patience is required. You need to see the editing process through. Once edits to a page are approved, you can reap the benefits of using Wikipedia as a way to help boost your organization’s reputation. Just be sure you’re working within Wikipedia’s guidelines. 

How Can Wikipedia Be Used To Improve Your Reputation?

A Wikipedia article can rank well on Google. As a result, Wikipedia can be used as a website to suppress other websites that may have negative content or reviews when people search for you.

Because edits and updates can sometimes get rejected by admins, there are also Wikipedia alternatives to consider, like Wikitia and WikiData. These alternatives function similarly to Wikipedia but are generally easier to pass edits while still being seen online.