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Dr. Bruce Marko

Who is Bruce Marko?

Bruce Marko is the leading Hair Restoration Surgeon at Restore Hair. Learn more about the Physician, including his areas of specialty, qualifications and more on People Also Ask! 

Dr. Bruce Marko - Hair Restoration Surgeon
Bruce Marko – Hair Restoration Surgeon at Restore Hair

What are Dr. Bruce Marko’s Specialties?

Dr. Bruce Marko is a Hair Restoration Physician and Plastic Surgery Specialist who specializes in hair transplants, advanced hair transplants, hair loss solutions and cosmetic surgery.

Where does Dr. Bruce Marko practice hair restoration and hair transplants?

Dr. Bruce Marko is a Distinguished Hair Restoration Surgeon who performs a variety of hair transplants, restorations and cosmetic surgeries at Restore Hair.  In all of his hair loss solutions, Bruce Marko is joined by an elite team of specialists who prioritize patient care.

Where did Bruce Marko complete his Education and Training?

Bruce Marko maintains a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology from Creighton University.  He completed his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) at the University of Nebraska.  Dr. Bruce Marko also completed his residency training at ORMC and a Hair Transplantation Fellowship in Orlando. 

Does Dr. Bruce Marko hold any member ships or affiliations in his field?

Yes.  Bruce Marko is a distinguished hair restoration surgeon recognized by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and International Society of Hair Restoration as a current member.  Bruce Marko is an active and respected member of the cosmetic surgery field of practice, with specific notoriety in a variety of areas of plastic surgery.  He is best known for his impeccable work in hair loss solutions, advanced hair transplants and hair restoration.