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Wikipedia FAQ

What is not allowed on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia does not allow content not deemed to be “encyclopedic”. Editors must avoid writing in a biased manner, claiming facts without verification, edit warring, over-linking, infringing copyright, and vandalizing Wikipedia pages.

What are some good FAQ questions?

Many people have questions when it comes to Wikipedia. Common FAQs usually relate to learning how to edit, how to use Wikipedia as a learning resource, how the website works in general, copyright issues, and how to contribute to Wikipedia projects.

Can I ask questions on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia does not work the same way that Google does when it comes to asking questions. However, you can type your search query into the search bar at the top right of the page and see if there are any relevant articles. Editors can ask questions on article talk pages or their own talk page.

Is it illegal to change Wikipedia?

It is perfectly legal – and encouraged – for people to edit Wikipedia pages. Wikipedia runs on a community of volunteer editors. Anyone with an internet connection can edit Wikipedia articles as long as they aren’t protected. You must abide by Wikipedia guidelines, otherwise, you could be blocked.

Can Wikipedia be deleted?

While anyone can edit Wikipedia, only administrators are authorized to delete articles. Pages can be deleted for spam, vandalism, copyright violations, lack of reliable sources, advertising, and more. Editors can request that an article be deleted, but an administrator must approve this.

Can Wikipedia see IP?

Wikipedia does track your IP address, so you are not completely anonymous on the site. If you don’t register an account, your edits will be attributed to your IP address. If you vandalize Wikipedia articles “anonymously”, your IP address can still be blocked.

Can you delete a Wikipedia page about yourself?

Only administrators are able to delete Wikipedia articles. If there is an article about you that you want to delete, you should register an account, request the article for deletion, and explain why you want the page removed. However, there is no guarantee that it will be taken down.

Who updates Wikipedia when someone dies?

There are over 120,000 editors who regularly make updates to Wikipedia articles and over 42 million accounts in total. There is usually always someone online at any given time. When a public figure passes away, Wikipedia’s volunteer editors are quick to make updates to the article. 

What happens if you edit Wikipedia wrong?

If you mistakenly make an incorrect edit on Wikipedia, another editor will find it soon, correct the mistake, and notify you about it. Other editors are likely to assume good faith, especially if you are new to the site. However, you can be blocked for intentionally vandalizing articles.

Why do Wikipedia pages get deleted?

There are a lot of reasons to delete a Wikipedia page. Articles can be deleted for copyright violations, advertising, spam, lack of encyclopedic content, having no reliable sources, being original research, not meeting notability guidelines, vandalism, and violating Wikipedia guidelines.