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Venisha Arnold

Venisha Arnold

Who is Venisha Arnold?

Venisha Arnold is a Philanthropist and Nonprofit Founder.  Venisha is best known for her work in the community, as the Nonprofit Founder of Persistence is The Key and The Arnold Foundation / Henry’s Place.  Venisha is also the Host of Persistence is The Key Podcast.

What is Persistence is The Key?

Persistence is The Key is a nonprofit organization and podcast founded and created by Philanthropist and Nonprofit Founder, Venisha Arnold.  Persistence is The Key is an education focused nonprofit that actively works to support local youth.  Venisha established the education focused youth organization in hopes of empowering children through the learning and education process.  Knowledge is power and a lack of access to knowledge creates disadvantage.  That is why Venisha is so passionate about her nonprofit organization and its impact on the community.

The Persistence is The Key Podcast is hosted by Speaker Venisha Arnold.  Bringing her expertise as a Journalist to the table in her hosting of the podcast, Venisha utilizes this platform as a space to highlight, feature and commend the incredible contributions thought leaders and everyday people are making in their own community.

What is the Impact of Persistence is The Key?

The impact of Philanthropist, Nonprofit Founder and Speaker Venisha Arnold’s Persistence is The Key education focused nonprofit is facilitated through campaigns and giveaways.  The nonprofit’s back to school initiative has previously hosted laptop giveaways.  Venisha recognizes that access to knowledge is not only a life-changing experience, it is a requirement for today’s youth to succeed.  By hosting laptop giveaways and school donations, the Nonprofit Founder is doing her part to ensure that all children are equipped with the resources and supplies necessary to exceed expectations and succeed in school — and in life!

What is The Arnold Foundation / Henry’s Place?

The Arnold Foundation / Henry’s Place is a nonprofit organization and academic scholarship program established by Nonprofit Founder, Philanthropist and Speaker Venisha Arnold.  The education focused nonprofit program provides students with funds to assist in their current and future education endeavors.