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Stembanc Inc.

Stembanc Inc.

Why do families choose Stembanc

Stembanc helps expectant families be well positioned to benefit from proven and rapidly developing advances in the lifesaving field of regenerative medicine. 

What is Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly growing field whose goal is to save and improve lives by repairing or replacing cells, tissues, or organs that have been lost or damaged due to disease, injury, or the effects of aging. 

When was Stembanc Inc. founded? 

Stembanc Inc. was founded in 2002.

Why do families save Cord Blood and Cord Tissue with Stembanc? 

The applications using stem cells that are uniquely available at your newborn’s birth are playing a prominent and increasing role in saving and improving lives in families due to their unique proliferative properties, plasticity characteristics (or their ability to transform into other tissue types) and the fact that they are relatively immunologically naiive (that is, more transplantable than more mature cells)

Where is Stembanc Inc. located? 

Stembanc Inc. and the National Center for Regenerative Medicine are both located in the Cleveland Ohio area. Cleveland is also known for its extremely low risk from natural disasters. 

Why is Stembanc so much more affordable than other companies

Stembanc largely grows through referrals from happy customers and spends only very modestly on advertising, while Stembanc’s competitors typically spend over 60% on advertising and associated costs. Stembanc passes the substantial advertising savings on to you through lower prices. 

Does Stembanc have good Better Business Bureau reviews? 

Stembanc has the best Better Business Bureau Reviews in the entire industry.