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Renovation Golf

Renovation Golf LLC

What is Renovation Golf?

Renovation Golf is a subscription based online platform that provides the best golf instruction videos to help you get better at golf fast.  Featuring straightforward, easy to understand golf tutorials, Renovation Golf covers everything from the fundamentals to golf secrets, tips and drills.  Become the best in the game with help of Renovation Golf’s comprehensive video instruction and tutorials! For additional answers to FAQs, check out Renovation Golf’s official website.

How much does a Renovation Golf membership subscription cost?

Renovation Golf’s comprehensive video instruction and easy to understand golf tutorials are available with a membership subscription.  The subscription costs $59.99 per month and comes with unparalleled perks.  Improving your golf game is easier and simpler than ever thanks to Renovation Golf’s easy to understand golf tutorials!  With a Renovation Golf subscription, golfers will have unlimited access to 

Will the cost of a Renovation Golf membership subscription increase?

No!  Even if the member subscription fee rises in price, current subscribers will be locked in at their current rate.  Your Renovation Golf membership subscription will never increase!

Is there a Renovation Golf trial?

Yes!  There is a 7 day trial available for golfers interested in trying out Renovation Golf.  For $1.00, golfers can gain unlimited access to Renovation Golf video tutorials, instruction videos and other resources for one week.  If golfers do not cancel the subscription before the 7 day trial period ends, they will be automatically subscribed to a one month membership of Renovation Golf for $59.99.  Cancel at any time.  

What can golfers learn from Renovation Golf?

Navigating the golf course and Renovation Golf offers golf secrets simply explained, thanks to their comprehensive video instruction.  All video tutorials on Renovation Golf are easy to understand and straightforward, so you can get better at golf fast!  Golfers can learn everything from the fundamentals, to how to improve your golf game, swing, short game, chipping, putting and so much more with help of on-demand golf expertise on Renovation Golf.

Are Renovation Golf instruction videos made by pro golfers?

The on-demand golf expertise and premium golf instruction available on Renovation Golf to subscribers is science backed.  Made by golfers for golfers, this straightforward platform makes the opportunity to get better at golf fast, straightforward and easy to understand.