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Ravi Chermala

Who is Ravi Chermala?

Ravi Chermala is a Yoga Instructor, Astrologer and Meditation Guide.  With mindfulness and motivation at the heart of his yoga practice and meditation sessions, Ravi Chermala helps students of his classes embrace the benefits of yoga and intention.  Chermala offers astrology birth chart readings and horoscope interpretations with his yoga and meditation students.  Outside of his pursuits in yoga, meditation and astrology, Chermala is passionate about expressing his creative spirit through jewelry design, art and music. 

What is Ravi Chermala Yoga?

Ravi Chermala Yoga is a unique yoga studio led by Ravi Chermala, Yoga Instructor, Astrologer and Meditation Guide.  The yoga and meditation studio is available exclusively online, in individual, group and livestream sessions that connect the Instructor and Astrologer to people all over the world.  

Where is Ravi Chermala Yoga Studio located?

As of 2024, Ravi Chermala Yoga Studio is web-based.  Ravi Chermala’s yoga and meditation classes are available online, with both individual and group sessions available.  Additionally, Chermala regularly hosts live streams where he broadcasts a daily yoga and meditation session to spiritually-aligned individuals seeking mindfulness and motivation in their daily routine. 

Ravi Chermala - Yoga Instructor & Meditation Guide

How Many Types of Yoga Are There?

There are several types and styles of yoga.  Ravi Chemala specializes in the following forms:

  • Bikram
  • Karma
  • Yin
  • Power
  • Anusara
  • Raja
  • Asana 

In the future, Ravi Chermala hopes to expand his offerings by providing guided yoga classes on other types, styles and forms of yoga.  As someone who is dedicated to a life of spiritual healing and learning, Chemala actively looks forward to becoming an expert in all aspects of the practice.