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Bronson McClelland

Bronson McClelland

Who is Bronson McClelland?

Bronson McClelland is a GFL Pro Athlete who currently plays for the Berlin Rebels American Football team in Berlin, Germany. McClelland rose to prominence as a College Athlete based in Athens, TX.  Inspired by the Human Motivation Theory, McClelland’s athleticism and career in football are guided by concepts of mental toughness, mental game and sports motivation. 

What Team Does Bronson McClelland Play For?

GFL Pro Athlete Bronson McClelland plays for the Berlin Rebels team in the German Football League. He is QB2 and wears #13 on the GFL pro tea

Bronson McClelland previously played for Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) Cardinals. 

What is the Human Motivation Theory?

Throughout his early sports career, Bronson McClelland has been guided by various sports motivation concepts.  In particular, he is passionate about the Human Motivation Theory, as developed by David McClelland.  Adapted from Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Needs, the Human Motivation Theory is an idea that people are motivated by achievement, affiliation or power.  McClelland has applied this concept to his football performance and passionately introduces the idea to his teammates, both on and off the field.

What are Bronson McClelland’s Career Highlights?

Bronson McClelland joined the Trinity Valley Community College Cardinals (TVCC) in 2021.  During his time on the team, McClelland played as QB of the team and enjoyed the following stats: 110 completions, 177 attempts, 1289 yards, 9 touchdowns, 6 interceptions and a pass efficiency of 133.3.